The Wolf We Feed

The overthrow of Manuel Zelaya as President of Honduras on June 28, 2009, was a traumatic experience for the Honduran people and a transformative event in Honduran history. It left Hondurans outraged and divided, and it threatened to spark a mass popular uprising not unlike those of the Arab Spring in 2011.  While the coup fueled a resistance movement in the country, the Resistencia  did not lead to the widespread rebellion many supporters of Mr. Zelaya had envisioned. The “calming” of the Resistencia can be partly attributed to the deference with which Honduras' post-coup president, Porfirio "Pepe" Lobo treated Mr. Zelaya.

This goodwill cost President Lobo considerable political capital among conservatives who would have preferred a harder, more punitive approach toward Mr. Zelaya. But it was central to Mr. Lobo’s national reconciliation efforts which helped keep a lid on the simmering anger over the coup and the general discontent in Honduras. 


The move toward reconciliation enabled the Resistencia  to evolve peacefully into a robust and competitive political party known as “Libre” and participate in mainstream electoral politics, rather than morph into an armed revolutionary camp, as occurred in Nicaragua and El Salvador during the 1970s and 1980s, and it allowed President Lobo to try and focus on dealing with the social and economic crises that had been growing during the Zelaya administration and made worse by the coup.


The Wolf We Feed: Post-Coup Honduras Under Pepe Lobo  is a new book by Marco Cáceres di Iorio. Scheduled for publication in March 2014 by CCP Publishing of Canada, the book is the follow-on to The Good Coup: The Overthrow of Manuel Zelaya in Honduras.  Its collection of short essays offers personal insights and perspectives on many of the key political developments and issues in Honduras during the Lobo Presidency. It will be available on  (10/9/13)

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