Homosexual Bigotry in Honduras

  • Written by  Silvia Elias

I remember once when my friends were showing me some photographs of the independence day parades in Honduras. Everything was fine until one of them pointed out a picture of a transsexual or transvestite who was with the National Front for Popular Resistance (FNRP). A friend of mine commented, “No wonder they don’t get any respect”. The remark evoked an angry rant on my part. I said that if the FNRP did not deserve respect it was for the way some of its members vandalize private property, not because of its inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people. Sure, I agree the person in question perhaps should have worn something a little less physically revealing, but it was no less modest than what I saw all the girls wearing. Get over it. Seeing a transvestite, transsexual or any other member of the LGBT community in public will not haunt or traumatize your children for life.

Gay rights advocacy is not exactly a strong movement in Honduras. This is partly due to the fact that the country is religiously conservative. I am not surprised that relatively few speak out forcefully in support of the LGBT community. Discrimination and bullying is the norm when it comes to how homosexual people are treated. I remember a high school friend, whose only crime was that he loved another man, being taunted, singled out and laughed at daily. It was wrong and morally bankrupt behavior, and no matter what I would say in protest, the guys in my class always replied, “What? It’s true, he’s a fag!”


It is unacceptable to demoralize and alienate a classmate, colleague or anyone else because of his or her sexual orientation. There is no excuse or justification for diminishing anyone's humanity... for any reason, but particularly for one's sexual orientation or race. Homosexual sex is not an abomination, as some like to characterize it. Different people like different sex, that is how it is, and how it has always been. If you happen to be one of those “You are not born gay” pundits, this next paragraph is for you.


Do you remember when you chose to be straight? Probably not. Then what makes you think homosexuals chose to be homosexual? There are ample evolutionary mechanisms that might explain homosexual behavior; it is common in many species of animals. According to an article by Michel Le Page in the NewScientist, “Homosexual behavior has been observed in hundreds of species, from bison to penguins. It is still not clear to what extent homosexuality in humans or other animals is genetic (rather than, say, due to hormonal extremes during embryonic development), but there are many mechanisms that could explain why gene variants linked to homosexuality are maintained in a population.”


I know that people are often afraid of what they do not understand. But we should all try to understand things more by putting ourselves in the place of those we tend to judge and treat so harshly. Homosexuality should not even be an issue in this day and age, but the enemies of reason are still hard at work spreading lies, bigotry and hate. Do not listen to them, and do not empower them by remaining silent. (1/2/14) (photo courtesy Associated Press)

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