Libre Would Be a "Disaster" Says Lobo

President Porfirio Lobo today said that voting for the Liberty and Refoundation Party (Libre) and its presidental candidate Xiomara Castro de Zelaya in the general elections this November would be to "return to the disaster provoked [by President Manuel Zelaya] in the past". President Lobo was referring to the coup against Mrs. Castro de Zelaya's husband, President Zelaya, on June 28, 2009. In an interview with journalist Renato Álvarez of the popular television news program Frente a Frente  on Channel 5, Mr. Lobo was asked about the Zelaya administration, and he responded: "What that government left was a disaster. You do not know how the government was when I took it over. If Libre wins, who can guarantee stability for the nation?"

Mr. Álvarez followed up asking Mr. Lobo, "In a scenario in which Xiomara Castro were to win, can you imagine yourself placing the presidential sash on her?" Mr. Lobo answered, "I would respect the will of the people, but each of us has his opportunity, and when we have it we must take advantage of it. There are some (referring to Mr. Zelaya] who have already tried and have left us all twisted up, and if the nation makes a mistake it will regret it. I believe that if the Libre Party were to win, we would return to the same thing; the teachers are not going to teach their classes, and how do you think the business people or the investors in the country are going to react." (7/29/13)


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